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Veterinary Science Day


VSD 2020 goes online on Thursday the 19th of November!

The novel coronavirus outbreak has changed everyday life for billions of people around the globe. Smaller and bigger conferences have moved online. Inspired by these great examples, we have decided that the Veterinary Science Day 2020 will be virtual and will follow an online format.

The 2020 VSD organizing committee is busy preparing the best possible virtual meeting space. Although different than meeting in person, we are confident to create an excellent alternative way to connect.

VSD 2020 theme
Animals are a key element of society and important for human health. The 2020 VSD will focus on research topics that make a meaningful contribution towards the wellbeing and health of animals and humans, in relation to each other and their environment. We will specifically focus on aspects of our research that are for the common good: what could make your research go viral?

The theme of the Veterinary Science Day of 2020 will be:

Going viral: Implementing the one health approach”

You can register using the online registration form that can be found on the website.

We cordially invite you to submit your abstract for oral presentations or scientific posters using the link in the confirmation email that you receive after you register.
The deadline for submission is: October 15th, 2020.

Kind regards,
The VSD committee 2020
Natcha Dankittipong
Jean de Gooijer
Josette van Maanen
Ellen Meijer
Susan Peters
Daniela Salvatori
Karin Sanders