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Veterinary Science Day 2019

Roelen-Penning penning

Due to the successful edition last year we proudly present its return: the Roelen-Penning penning (RPP).

Everybody is aware of the threshold you have to cross to ask a question in public. Walking up to the microphone, drawing the attention, stepping into the spotlight …. This is nevertheless part of your scientific development. To stimulate this, Dr. Roelen and Dr. Penning established a unique penning specially for the let`s say “less senior” scientist. By awarding this prestigious award they want to encourage to ask questions in a conference setting.

“This price will feature prominently on my CV for the rest of my academic carreer”
Robert Favier (RPP-Laureate 2016)

Asking questions this year will be even easier! Diminishing the possible fears of the public attention we will enable asking questions digitally. Please take your mobile devices to the VSD!

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