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Veterinary Science Day 2019


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08.30-09.00 Registration, coffee, mounting of posters (uploading presentation)
09.00-09.05 Welcome by President of the VSD2019Aldert Zomer
09.05-09.20 Opening of the VSD2019 – Alain de Bruin – Chair FVM Research Board
09.20-10.30 Session 1 Synergy between Biomolecular Health Sciences and Clinical Sciences   (1 x 25 minutes keynote + 2 x 15 minutes presentation + 4 x 3 minutes Poster Flash)
09.20 Femke Broere (DII)Keynote
09.45 Hille Fieten (SCSA) – The Menkes and Wilson disease genes counteract in copper toxicosis in Labrador retrievers: a new
canine model for copper-metabolism disorders
10.00 Robin van de Biggelaar (DII) – Novel in vitro strategies for poultry vaccine efficacy testing to secure vaccine quality and
replace animal tests
10.15-10.30 Poster Flash


Kyra Defourny (DBC) – Unraveling molecular mechanisms for the packaging and release of picornaviruses in extracellular  vesicles

Jet Segeren (DP) – Heterogenous DNA damage response allows escape from replication stress-inducing drugs

Heiko Henning (CSCA) – First steps towards a canine oviduct model for in vitro oocyte maturation

Wenjuan Du (DII) – Functional crosstalk between the receptorbinding properties of influenza A virus hemagglutinin and

10.30-11.10 Coffee; Poster presentations (even numbers)
11.15-12.25 Session 2 Synergy between Biomolecular Health Sciences and Population Health Sciences   (1 x 25 minutes keynote + 2 x 15 minutes presentation + 5 x 3 minutes Poster Flash)
11.15 Lidwien Smit (IRAS) – Keynote
11.40 Egil Fischer (FAH) – Competition between Escherichia coli with and without Extended-Spectrum-Beta-Lactamase-carrying plasmids in the broiler chicken gut
11.55 Annelies Kers (FAH) – Inoculation of broiler chickens with adult microbes, directly post-hatch, accelerated the development of the intestinal microbiota, and increased the activation of natural killer cells
12.10-12.25 Poster Flash


Donsheng Yang (IRAS) – Association of antimicrobial usage with faecal abundance of ermB, tetW, aph3 and sul2 resistance genes in veal calves in three European countries

Janneke Schreuder (FAH) – A cross-sectional observational study of the fecal microbiome composition in adult laying hens with and without access to an outdoor range

Roosmarijn Luiken (IRAS) – The resistome and bacteriome of farm dust in European poultry and pig farms

Linda van der Graaf (DII) – Campylobacter plasmids and source association

Alice Wegener (DII) – Specific SCCmec types and clonal complexes are associated with low-level amoxicillin/clavulanic acid and cephalotin resistance in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius

12.25-13.20 Lunch and free poster viewing
13.25-14.35 Session 3  Synergy between Population Health Sciences and Clinical Sciences (1 x 25 minute keynote +3 x 15 minutes presentation + 4 x 3 minutes Poster Flashes)
13.25 Bas Rodenburg (DASS) – Keynote
13.50 Hans Vernooij (FAH) – Evidence of high EEHV antibody seroprevalence and spatial variation among captive Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in Thailand
14.05 Willy Bergmann (DP) – Of French fries and horses Biochemical changes in equine intervertebral disc degeneration
14.20-14.35 Poster Flash


Janneke van der Laan (DASS) – Sleepy shelter dogs? Evaluating nocturnal activity as an indicator of adaptability of dogs to a shelter environment and post-adoption

Tijs Tobias (FAH) – Efficacy of needle-free iron injection, an on farm double blind randomized controlled clinical trial

Hanneke Hermans (ES) – Penetration of topically administered dexamethasone disodium phosphate and prednisolone acetate into the equine ocular fluids.

Sebastiaan van Nimwegen (CSCA) 131-Iodine treatment of feline hyperthyroidism: development of radiation protection guidelines for Dutch legislation based on external dose rate and excretion of 131-Iodine in 10 cats

14.35-15.20 Coffee; Poster presentations (odd numbers)
15.25-14.35 Session 4  Synergy with Veterinary Sciences  (1 x 25 minutes keynote +3 x 15 minutes presentation)
15.25 Celia Berkers (DBC) – Keynote
15.50 Miriam Oost (DII) – The development of chicken intestinal organoids: a novel tool for in vitro studies
16.05 Nafiseh Sirati (DBC) – Amyloidogenic interactions involved in regulation of autophagy
16.20 Martijn Molenaar ( DBC) –  Lecithin: Retinol Acyl Transferase (LRAT) induces the formation of lipid droplets
16.35-16.55 Cold drinks and poster removal
17.00-17.05 Introduction guest speaker – Aldert Zomer
17.05-18.05 Guest speaker – Bart van den Belt
18.05-18.20 Award Ceremony
18.20-20.30 Diner
20.30-21.00 Drinks and Closure