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Veterinary Science Day 2019

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* Abstract in Abstractbook

A* The Menkes and Wilson disease genes counteract in copper toxicosis in Labrador retrievers: a new canine model for copper-metabolism disorders Hille Fieten
B* Novel in vitro strategies for poultry vaccine efficacy testing to secure vaccine quality and replace animal tests Robin van den Biggelaar
C* Competition between Escherichia coli with and without Extended-Spectrum-Beta-Lactamase-carrying plasmids in the broiler chicken gut Egil Fischer
D Inoculation of broiler chickens with adult microbes, directly post-hatch, accelerated the development of the intestinal microbiota, and increased the activation of natural killer cells Annelies Kers
E* Evidence of high EEHV antibody seroprevalence and spatial variation among captive Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in Thailand Hans Vernooij
F Of French fries and horses Biochemical changes in equine intervertebral disc degeneration Willy Bergmann
G The development of chicken intestinal organoids: a novel tool for in vitro studies Miriam Oost
H Amyloidogenic interactions involved in regulation of autophagy Nafiseh Sirati
I* Lecithin: Retinol Acyl Transferase (LRAT) induces the formation of lipid droplets Martijn Molenaar


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