Veterinary Science Day


Dear VSD participants,

After the COVID-19 restrictions the Dutch government announced last Friday evening, and the subsequent instructions from the university board, the faculty board decided to cancel the Veterinary Science Day on 18 November.

This is very unfortunate but unavoidable, given the high infection rate and the responsibility we all have for preventing further spread of the virus. We count on your understanding.

Because of this last-minute cancellation, we see no possibility of organizing the Veterinary Science Day in an attractive way on a virtual platform. We will be looking into the possibilities regarding postponing the VSD to a new date, and will update you as soon as possible if this is an option. So, for now it is back into the cage again, but hopefully we can get out soon to celebrate this year’s VSD motto: Out of the cage, into the wild!

Warm regards,
The Veterinary Science Day Committee,
Naomi Benne, Laura Varela, Ceder Raben, Kyra Defourny, Jean de Gooijer