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Veterinary Science Day 2018


“Making a difference”

November 15th, 2018
09.00 – 20.30 

The VSD team is proud to announce the 2018 Veterinary Science Day! Within our faculty, researchers work on very diverse topics, which makes the VSD a great opportunity to (re-)establish your network and initiate new collaborations between researchers from different disciplines. It is also an excellent moment to reflect on the societal impact of veterinary research. Together, we can improve the world around us. Therefore, the theme of the Veterinary Science day of 2018 will be: ‘Making a difference’.

Kind regards,

The 2018 VSD team

Ronette Gehring
Myrna de Rooij
Michelle Teunissen
Erik de Vries
Bart Westendorp
Marcel de Zoete